Our Team

Here’s a little about us… but really, we like to keep the focus on you.

CP Business Solutions Inc. is a marketing consulting company that offers nothing short of excellence to our clients. Your success is our motivation.

Catherine Priestman, CD, MBA

Catherine is an experienced and dynamic leader skilled in business and marketing management. She has over 25 years’ experience managing short and long-term projects in both domestic and international settings. Catherine personally oversees each client relationship and ensures that quality and results are delivered at every step of the project.

Our team is composed of qualified professionals who are experts in their fields and possess a strong moral compass.Tailoring the precise blend of creativity, talent and winning personalities to each project provides optimal support to our clients and results in positive and efficient working relationships.

Project Managers

Our project managers have strong leadership skills and the ability to bring out the best in their teams. Their attention to detail and excellent communication skills facilitate their ability to gather requirements and deliver quality products. With their expertise in various related fields, including technical writing, business analysis, facilitation and training, our Project Managers are not only proven leaders but also valuable assets to any project team. Whatever the project or their role within it, our Project Managers will be there to coordinate, track and evaluate the progress, while ensuring that the focus always remains on meeting our clients’ needs.

Social Media Experts

Our social media experts design and implement measurable digital marketing solutions. From custom social media marketing strategies through engaging content, editorial calendars and analytics, our social media experts offer a range of services to help our clients build strong connections with their target markets. Recognizing that social media is not a fad but a fundamental shift in the way we communicate, our social media experts have tapped into this growing field to create custom solutions with measurable results.

Writers and Editors

Our writers and editors are highly skilled language experts who love what they do – and it shows in the quality of their work. Whether collaborating with clients to refine existing copy or working from the ground up to research, draft, edit and proofread a full range of program documentation, our writers and editors take pride in the originality and accuracy of the texts they produce. Our writers and editors turn ideas into words, crafting the message to make each client’s material and organization stand out.


Our translators possess outstanding translation skills and can be relied on to produce exceptional French texts, providing our clients with dependable service and total peace of mind. They will always preserve the meaning and context of the approved English text while ensuring that the nuances of the French language are respected and that the French text has an authentic, natural feel. Bringing varied experience to their work, including writing, editing and parallel editing in both the private and public sectors, our Translators are French language professionals with the skills to meet our clients’ translation needs.

Graphic Designers

Our experienced and creative graphics team produces unique and cutting-edge designs to support all of our clients’ graphics needs. Our Graphic Designers have a talent for understanding the message a client wants to convey and presenting designs that far exceed their expectations. With passion and simplicity, they are able to transform creativity into reality. And their ability to generate original and imaginative ideas quickly is an asset on projects with tight timelines. Clients can count on our Graphic Designers to produce aesthetically pleasing products with consistency, precision and attention to detail.


We work with multiple print partners to ensure that whatever our clients’ printing needs, we can deliver. Offering excellent service, high quality and a wide variety of print products, our Printers produce everything from promotional items to marketing material, formal documentation and more. Our Printers are specially chosen and brought in on an individual project basis to see a client’s vision through to the final product.