Three Ways to Spread the (Customer Appreciation) Love This Valentine’s Day

Google “Valentine’s Day” and you’ll get nearly 93 million results. That’s a lot of teddy bears and hearts! But February 14th doesn’t have to be just about couples. Why not use this Valentine’s Day to show your clients, customers and colleagues a little kindness too? Here at CP Business Solutions, we’re all about spreading the love, so here are three ideas to get you started. 1. Send a Social Media Shout-Out Pick a person (or …
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Size Really Does Matter!

Size Really Does Matter - CP Business Solutions Inc in Ottawa, Ontario

So, the roll looked a little smaller in the catalogue. We use a lot of bubble wrap to protect display pieces during transport and clearly we are covered for this season. Good thing we have lots of warehouse space! If we didn’t, this could be an issue because size really does matter! Font Size Open 24/7! Our client needed to convey this message to a large room but they only had a 10’ x 10’ …
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Cool Cards and High School Cliques

Cool Cards and High School Cliques - CP Business Solutions Inc in Ottawa, ON

High school was a quirky time of awkward dances, strange fashions and weird social cliques. One thing was sure though – everyone knew what group you were in. The messaging was clear. Just as your choice in friends said a lot about you in high school, your business cards speaks volumes about your business today – so make sure they are speaking clearly. Business card options can vary as widely as high school cliques. You …
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Why? Punctuation!!! Matters…

Why? Punctuation!!! Matters - CP Business Solutions in Ottawa, ON

Say this in your head: “Yes.” Now try this: “Yes?” Hear the difference? What about this: “Yes!” Or even this: “Yes…” That’s the magic of punctuation. Punctuation serves a very important purpose: to help convey meaning and ensure understanding. You can see this in as short as a one-word sentence. With a simple change in punctuation, you can convey certainty, uncertainty, excitement or hesitation. And by knowing what those punctuation marks mean, your reader understands. …
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Social Media for Dinosaurs: Business Edition

Social Media for Dinosaurs: Business Edition - CP Business Solutions Inc in Ottawa, ON

A common question we hear is “I need a social media presence for my business; I just don’t know what to do or why I really need it.” How about we bring this back to the basics so it’s a little easier to understand? Why? Digital media is a growing industry that is having a huge impact on the way products are marketed. Businesses adopting this form of marketing are able to have real-time interactions …
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