So, the roll looked a little smaller in the catalogue.

We use a lot of bubble wrap to protect display pieces during transport and clearly we are covered for this season. Good thing we have lots of warehouse space!

If we didn’t, this could be an issue because size really does matter!

Font Size

Font Size Really Does Matter! - CP Business Solutions Inc - Marketing Company in Ottawa, ONOpen 24/7! Our client needed to convey this message to a large room but they only had a 10′ x 10′ booth. We accomplished the goal by using a huge font and aligning the display directly with the front entrance. There was no doubt that the font size helped carry the message to everyone coming in.

Font size is also an important consideration with more mature audiences. Anyone discovering the joys of reading glasses appreciates a larger font. It prevents eye strain and reduces frustration, making it easier and more enjoyable to read. If readers are tense and struggling to interpret information, that aggravation can be projected towards the product or service, resulting in frustrated customers and lost sales.

Size matters… and font size should be a consideration in all projects.

Display Size

Display Size Really Does Matter! - CP Business Solutions Inc - Marketing Company in Ottawa, ONIndoors or out, sometimes the size of your display is dictated by how much room is available. But sometimes the size of your display is shaped by the activities you want to share.

The Edge Taekwon-Do Academy likes to welcome people to try out the sport: kick some paddles, punch some shields and break some boards.

This requires some serious space, so we created an outdoor dojang for them that was over 400 square feet, complete with changing facilities and an admin area for new students to register on the spot.

Size matters… it would have been challenging to have accomplished everything they needed in a smaller space.

Sign Size

Sign Size Really Does Matter! - CP Business Solutions Inc - Marketing Company in Ottawa, ONGetting this sign into place took a little work and a lot of innovation! We wanted it to look like it was floating on the stage backdrop in front of a wall that was over 40 feet tall. Plus, to be visible, the sign needed to be a decent size but it couldn’t be so large as to detract from the jazz band playing below.

Scale and perspective can make a significant difference, whether it’s on large signs or tiny business cards. The relationships among the different elements of a design are key to visual success.

Size matters… in the case of the bubble wrap above, a catalogue image with a person (or a small rhino) would have been helpful to show scale!

Need “sizeable” ideas? We can help!

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