Know Your Target Audience

To Whom It May Concern: Know Your Target Audience

Let’s pretend you just had dinner at a new restaurant in town. The burger was incredible—one of the best you’ve ever tasted—but the service was slow and the waiter wasn’t very friendly. Now think about the different ways you might write about this: Text to your best friend Just had dinner at The Cowhorn. Crappy … Read More

Getting a Feel for Paper Finishes - CP Business Solutions

Getting a Feel for Paper Finishes

Not to show our age or anything, but remember back in the 80s when we were told that if we wanted to stand out in a crowd of job applicants we should print our resumes on something other than plain white paper? All of a sudden everyone was printing their cover letters and CVs on … Read More

What's Mine is Mine and What's Yours is...? - Cp Business Solutions

File Ownership: What’s Mine is Mine and What’s Yours Is…

Clients often ask us, “If I hire your company to work with me and you provide me with final files at the end of the project, who actually OWNS THE RIGHTS to those files?” We could give you the long answer, the legal, contract gobbledygook, which states: Unless otherwise specified in writing, all final works … Read More

Do You Map Out Your Marketing? - CP Business Solutions

Do You Map Out Your Marketing?

Have you ever tried to buy mittens in the dead of winter? Or a bathing suit during the dog days of summer? Chances are that what you need RIGHT NOW was in stores several months ago. Or won’t be back in stock for several months yet. Retailers have planning ahead down to a science. So … Read More

Spring Cleaning: Clean Up Your Digital Dirt! - CP Business Solutions

Spring Cleaning: Clean Up Your Digital Dirt!

It’s that time of year: the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and our houses are begging for a spring cleaning after the long, dark, cooped-up days of winter. This spring, while you’re gathering up your cleaning supplies, take a minute to think about your digital dirt. Yes, digital. We all have a digital … Read More

Shout It Out versus SHUSH! Our Take on Your Privacy - CP Business Solutions

Shout It Out versus SHUSH! Our Take on Your Privacy

As a marketing agency, we’re all about getting the word out. First we get to know you, then we find creative, innovative and effective ways to tell the world about you. But don’t worry… we take your privacy seriously: We keep it just between you and us. Whether it’s personal information you provide when contacting … Read More